"Props should be given for having a different approach regarding a zombie movie" - Zombob

"Snuffin Zombies is a goddamn riot… The writing in the flick is borderline genius, and Frank is just plain awesome. He plays the dirtbag character to a T." – Bums Corner

"If masturbation, midgets, lighthearted yet derogative slurs towards various classes of people, and the time-tested toilet humor doesn't sound like the type of thing that would draw a couple of laughs out of you, then nope, this one probably isn't for you. If, however, you find yourself in the group of people who - much like myself - finds these sort of things to be hilarious, then you'll likely get more than a couple of good laughs out of the material found here... This is basically a "buddy film" coupled with lots of laughs." – The Movies Made Me Do It

"Writer/producer/director/star Karl Benacci might be clinically insane and the tortured voices in his head have been transposed into DVD form… His sense of humor is surreal, random, and borderline nonsensical, but I would be lying if I said I didn't laugh more than a few times at his ravings in Snuffin' Zombies." – DVD Verdict

"While it definitely has some great zombietime scenes, this is truly a surreal gongshow, straight from the brain of writer/director/producer/star Karl Benacci. Judging from this film, he may be clinically insane, but that doesn’t mean he can't craft together a crazy, lunatic piece of entertainment that is a HOOT to watch from start to finish!" – DVD Schlock

"The most surprising thing about this indie flick is the cinematography. The film looks great. Director Karl Benacci does a wonderful job of getting this film to look exactly the way he wants it to. The lighting is exceptional and the picture is crisper than what I’m used to from most indie flicks. If you’re looking for a ball-busting, irreverent and quirky indie film, you should definitely check it out." – Movie Cynics

"…Snuffin' Zombies is a movie with a lot of heart, Benacci (who plays Frank) is good as the loveable loser, and Joseph Byrd is amazing as the naive Ralphie… I'm giving Snuffin' Zombies three out of four cigars…" – Rogue Cinema

“Snuffin’ Zombies is a stoner flick" – Horrorview